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One Roof Shelter

One Roof Shelter

The One Roof Shelter is a year round shelter offering rough sleepers somewhere safe to sleep.
Starting on 2nd March 2020 the shelter will provide a warm and welcoming environment for our guests - those who find themselves homeless on our streets. Guests will be given a bed for the night and support to build their lives and move away from rough sleeping.

Located in a City Centre Church we aim to provide 15 bed spaces per night, hospitality and friendship.

Volunteers are key in helping to create a safe, warm and welcoming environment for our guests there we are looking for volunteers who can cover the 9pm to 7am shift. 

During the early part of the shift you will help to prepare the venue, put out bedding and make refreshments.
During the night you will stay awake for half the night and sleep the other half. A night worker will be on duty to support you through the night.

Sign up to volunteer if you want to help people who are homeless, give back to your community and be involved in a rewarding project.
Training will be provided.
If you have barriers to volunteering please come and speak to us.
We will be building on the success of the winter night shelter which runs for three months each year. 

To volunteer and be part of an amazing team and project please fill in the application form.


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