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Find A GP

Find A GP

A GP is your local personal NHS doctor. If you are ill or worried about your health or the health of anyone in your family, you should go and see your local GP. It is important to register with a GP so that you can access NHS services. To find a GP near you call 111 or use the search box below. If you are homeless or living in a temporary accommodation you can register with Inclusion Healthcare.They are a GP practice that help homeless and other marginalised groups of people.

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Description of Service
GPs are usually the first medical point of contact. They are responsible for the comprehensive and continuing care of their patients.

GPs provide advice and treatment. If further treatment or
investigation of a problem is required, the GP will co-ordinate this and ensure that it is provided. Further treatment might be provided by your GP, or by a member of their team such as a practice nurse, midwife or health visitor, or if required, by referral to a specialist doctor called a consultant or to other specialist services.

GPs and their staff give advice on diet, exercise, healthy living and disease prevention.

Most patients are looked after by the same GP for many years. This builds up a bond of trust between the GP and patient and enables the GP to build up a good knowledge of you and your health care needs.
Who is the service for
Everyone should register with a GP.

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Referral Procedure
Ring 111 of use the search box above.


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