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Diocese of Leicester

Diocese of Leicester

Founded in 1926, Leicester is one of the youngest dioceses in England. The present Bishop, the Rt Revd Tim Stevens, was enthroned in 1999.

The boundary of the Diocese is almost co-terminus with the county of Leicestershire. The Diocese serves around one million people through 236 parishes, 120 stipendiary clergy and around 80 non-stipendiary ministers. There are also 97 Church of England Schools and academies.

The Bishop is supported in his ministry by a staff team who work collaboratively to develop strategy, ensure its implementation, foster cultural change and release gifts for mission, ministry and growth in all its dimensions.

Since 2006, the diocese has developed a strategy for mission called ‘Shaped by God’ to reshape its ministry and mission to meet the challenges of the future.  That vision for the future is best drawn together in the summary: ‘Shaped by God in our lives and communities we seek the growth of His Kingdom in the depth of discipleship, the number of disciples of Jesus and loving service of the world.’

In the past three years, Leicester has become the fastest-growing diocese in England in terms of weekly attendance. We have set ourselves the goal of having by 2030 as many ‘fresh expressions’ of church as ‘inherited’ churches and this ambitious vision will be supported for the next 5 years by a team of pioneer ministry development workers funded by a generous grant from the national Church Commissioners.  We have also set aside £5 million in grant funds to support local churches’ initiatives for growth.

Leicester Cathedral, along with the neighbouring St Martins House is located in the heritage quarter of the city. This award-winning centre was opened in 2011 in a refurbished former school building as a focus for mission and administration for the diocese, with the guiding principles of attentiveness to God, generous hospitality and transforming relationships.

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