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Housing project

Housing project

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One Roof Leicester is planning a new housing project which will provide accommodation and support for those who are homeless, once homeless or are destitute refugees & asylum seekers.  Currently the provision of services encourages dependency and reliance on the sector.  In the client survey we found that 25% of respondents had not been homeless or rough sleeping in the past two years yet were still accessing services for the homeless.  We want to inspire local churches/faith groups to take responsibility for people in their area who are homeless by providing them with a home in their locality along with on-going support.  We want to see 2 to 3 vulnerable adults supported in one house in a reasonable area of the community, bought using the investment resources of the faith groups and other ethical investors.  ORL will provide the technical expertise and ensure the quality, excellence and professionalism and the faith groups will provide an accepting non-judgemental community, a network of resources and volunteer time.

This new housing project will provide an additional resource to the pathway for homeless people in Leicester.  Currently ORL partners offer hostel accommodation for the long term homeless, those with low-medium support needs and for young people.  We envisage that those who are living in one of the above hostels and is ready to move into semi-independent living will be accommodated in the house in the community.  

By working in partnership and developing a new service we want to ensure that there is an alternative pathway for rough sleepers who are refused support by Housing Options.  We want to ensure that the spell of rough sleeping is ended as soon as possible, that food, warmth, clothing and support is provided immediately and a pathway through accommodation is planned swiftly.  ORL sees itself as offering a complementary service to the Leicester City Council and Commissioned services provision of homelessness services.

Emergency Accommodation

One Roof Leicester will provide emergency accommodation for rough sleepers during the winter months.  Emergency accommodation will be provided for three months for those homeless people who are ineligible for benefits, banned from homeless housing, and/or without any other support network.  Alongside the accommodation support a daily hot meal will also be provided.  During this period ORL will work in partnership with health care professionals and homeless services to ensure that each person’s needs are identified and long term solutions developed.  

In winter 2014/15 ORL in partnership with LCC homeless services, Y support and advice and the Niebo project supported over thirty rough sleepers.  In March 2015 ORL  rented a property for six months from Waterloo housing to provide accommodation for three former rough sleepers.  During these six months ORL supports the clients to address their health needs, experience independent living and secure permanent employment.  At the end of the six months it is envisaged that these clients will be able to maintain  their own tenancy. 


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