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Homeless Tonight?


First do not panic: there is help available.

You can make your way to the Dawn Centre where Y-Support and the Outreach Team will give you a cup of tea and you can chat with someone who can help and provide support, advice, assistance and signposting to the correct service.

If you are homeless or at risk of being homeless you can go there anytime between 8am–1pm and Y-Support and the Outreach Team will be able to offer practical advice and support so that you do not have to sleep on the streets tonight.

You will need to visit Leicester City Council's Housing Options offices at Phoenix House (the staff at Y-Support and the Outreach Team can support you with this process if you are worried). Housing Options will assess your housing situation and decide if they have a legal duty to house you straight away.

Make sure you take any ID you have, to prove your age, nationality and if you are a student or not.

You need to be aware that there is no access to drinking water or toilets at Housing Options so go to the toilet before you go and take a bottle of water... but don't drink too much, you can be there for some time!

Out of hours emergency contact

If you find yourself homeless tonight and it is out of Housing Options and the Outreach Teams working hours call:

  • Families: 0116 221 1407
  • Singles and couples: 0116 221 2770

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