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Helping communities to end homelessness

Help us do more to end homelessness

Help us do more to end homelessness

The weather is turning cold again and One Roof Leicester (ORL) is gearing up for another busy winter. We are a multi-faith charity giving year-round support to end homelessness. Last year we provided over 2000 nights of temporary accommodation to over 80 individuals, and support to a further 50 people. This year we will need to do more, and we will need your donation to do it.

ORL is coordinating Leicester’s new Winter Night Shelter for the coldest months. But that is not enough; although a warm, safe place to sleep is a start, ORL needs to give people additional support, hands-on help, and advice in a variety of different ways.
Throughout the year, ORL works with homeless people to find them the help they need. This might be in an ORL Home, in an ORL Host’s home, or with the support of an ORL Befriender.

Still, the services that exist won’t meet everyone’s needs. ORL will provide short term emergency accommodation for women, families, and the extremely vulnerable or excluded. Of course, this is costly and ORL relies on donations to do this for people who have nowhere else to go.

A financial gift from you could help us to:

  • pay for temporary or emergency accommodation
  • furnish an ORL Home
  • recruit, train and involve more volunteers
  • empower local communities to make a difference
  • enable ORL to continue giving intensive one-to-one support to individuals in need

We need you as people of faith, no-faith, businesses, charities or as an individual to donate generously.

Please help us to ensure everyone has somewhere safe and warm to sleep.


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