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Jamil’s Story

Jamil’s Story

Every now and then Salma and Farhana receive calls from members of the community requesting help for someone who has become homeless or is destitute. One evening as Salma was preparing dinner, she received a call to say that 19 year old Jamil had suffered a family breakdown and had been thrown out by his parents. Salma talked to Jamil about the Dormitory bed at the Dawn centre as an option until another solution could be found for him, however Jamil was reluctant to go there. Salma contacted Ben at Community of Grace to ask if they could house him for the weekend, after which Jamil could present himself at Housing Options. Luckily, CoG had a room available for Jamil and two hours after the call Jamil had somewhere to stay for the night. On Tuesday morning, Ben arranged for Jamil to see the Outreach Team who managed to help Jamil with his paper work. On the Thursday Jamil was informed about two rooms that were available under the PRS scheme. Ben and Salma took him to view the rooms and on Friday he accepted one of the rooms. Salma contacted Emmaus Leicestershire and Rutland to see if they could organise some bedroom furniture as an act of solidarity and this all arrived the following week. One year later Jamil is still living in his flat and is carving out a new life for himself.

Names have been changed and stock images used to protect identities.


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