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Jake’s story

Jake’s story

One Saturday in autumn, a regular volunteer at Saturday Stop-by noticed a new face. Whilst initially reluctant to tell us his story, after giving him a hot drink and speaking to Jake at long length, our volunteer Paul was able to help him explain his situation. Paul soon found that Jake had been sleeping rough for over 14 weeks and was reluctant to seek help from statutory services. Initially, upon talking to Salma, all Jake asked for was a sleeping bag. He explained that he had a safe place to sleep under a tree in the grounds of a factory, with his only concern being keeping warm. Salma quickly developed the impression that Jake was suffering from mental health issues and really should be indoors, so talked to him about contacting the Dawn centre. When Jake proved to be adamant about avoiding hostels run by the City Council, Salma suggested Community of Grace, and after explaining it was provided by a charity, Jake agreed to stay there for the weekend. Over this time, Ben, David and Barbara from Community of Grace realised that Jake's mental health issues were very serious, and he had not been taking his required medication. After being assessed by the Homeless Mental Health Service upon Ben's request, Jake was admitted into the Bradgate Unit, specialist unit for those suffering from mental health problems. Unfortunately, Jake's chaotic and unstable life led to more than just mental health problems; serious adverse physical effects had also presented themselves. Ben and Ian continued to visit Jake until he passed away six months later, at only 43 years of age.

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